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Forecast Service

Forecast Service, € 49.99/month, click for more details


If you would like to become our affiliate and earn additional income, join our affiliate program and get minimum 10% commission by promoting our forex services. Our program is FREE to join and easy to set up.
For every client you refer to us, you receive minimum 10% commission of the service they have ordered.


Trading advices are included in the Forecast Plus service, click here to signup

You must use strategy to avoid loses!

No matter how many good positions you enter, you may still lose. Why? Because the mentality of most traders is to fast recover by entering next positions with bigger/all lot size in position, not realizing that market can eat most of your trades, no matter how sure they seem. So, what you need is strategy AND discipline. With our strategies, you will know how to calculate your trading lots for every trade, and recover even after several losing positions. Principal - no strategy, no profit. Signup >>


We, at Zone International Forex (, with our team of professional analyzers and marketing strategists, build the innovative digital online Forex trading experience that produces measurable performance. is a truly full service Forex consulting company offering its customers cutting edge turn key ready solutions.



We don't only use specialized professional software, which analyses currencies movements, taking into consideration numerous of technical indicators and parameters, calculating and processing them through mathematical modules, and playing all scenarios, but familiarize ourselves fundamentally, on the basis of which we provide our forecasts and trading signals.